We are privacy officers. are entrepeneurs. are not in the way.

We help our customers to implement data protection regulations in an entrepreneurial way - legally compliant without any effort.

Guaranteed by specialised lawyers, TÜV- and DGI-certified.


About us

We are a team of lawyers specialiced in data protection law. Compliant with data protection without turning the company upside down? We know how to do this. Our advice is not only based on data protection regulations, but also guarantees a company-friendly implementation. At the same time, we are at your side as external data protection officers.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which came into force on May 25th, changes the rules of the game quite noticeably.


The good news...

The administrative effort can be delegated, and that is exactly what we offer you, at a fair and transparent fixed price.

and now?

We help you efficiently and competently to design your data processes in an entrepreneurial and legally compliant manner.


Your benefits...

kedapro combines the advantages of data protection advice from experienced and TÜV-certified specialist solicitors as a data protection officer with the knowledge of your internal processes, which we have gained through our focus on auditing the processes at small and medium-sized enterprises.


In order to ensure permanent compliance with data protection requirements, we are your external data protection officer. kedapro adapts your processes to legal requirements with the least possible intervention in your existing workflow and keeps them permanently legally compliant.

  • Ongoing support for your company through the appointment of an external data protection officer

  • Information on data protection requirements

  • Solution-based consulting

  • Monitoring and verification of compliance with data protection requirements

  • Sensitization and training of your employees involved in the data processes

  • Advice on Data protection impact assessment and monitoring its implementation

  • Contact for the supervisory authority

  • Cooperation with the supervisory authority

  • Contact for questions to your company from data subject

  • Regular querying and checking of your data processes

Our offer

As a result of our optimized workflows, we can provide you with the external data protection officer at attractive fixed prices in various packages. Please answer the following questions to receive a product tailored to your individual needs.


We will be happy to help you, write to us at info@kedapro.com, call us at +49 (211) - 97 63 01 90 or use our contact form.

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