Data protection in health care

Your patient and customer data deserve special protection.

The confidentiality of medical treatment has a long tradition, as does our advice on data protection law for medical practices and pharmacies. Therefore, we offer you the appointment of an external data protection officer at attractive fixed prices, depending on your company structure.

Minimally invasive

The duty of confidentiality of physicians and pharmacists as well as members of other health care professions remains a cornerstone for dealing with patients and customers, which is closely linked to data protection. kedapro provides efficient and pragmatic support in this task. We bring together certified healthcare data protection officers, data protection auditors, quality management auditors and lawyers specializing in data protection under one roof. This team of experts ensures that the work involved in data protection is reduced to a minimum for you and your employees and that implementation is carried out with minimally invasive interventions to interfere as little as possible with your day-to-day work.

What happens now?

It's quite easy: Answer a few questions. You will then be redirected to the product that suits you. Here you have the opportunity to order an external data protection officer immediately, simply and easily.